Philip Letts: Product and Market Evangelist

Philip has a wealth of experience leading international technology and digital media businesses. He designed the 21st Century LettsGroup, created the group’s incubator and is the driver behind our environmental projects.

Dave Evans: Technical Strategist and Evangelist

Dave is an experienced international technology leader with a wealth of experience in corporates and digital innovators. His expertise spans internet, mobile, infrastructure, commerce and payments.

Dorian Tireli: Great Designer

Dorian's mission is to help us deliver meaningful customer experiences that leverage new technology, new organizational structures, and cultural transformations that require visionary change.

Sebastian Letts: Web Developer

Sebastian is a part of the technology team at LettsGroup, doing both web development and IT support. He is also one of the key drivers behind LettsGroup's environmental projects and he supports some of our media publications.

Philip Crawford: Advisory Board Lead

Philip is one of the UK's most senior software CEO's and an experienced technology investor. Philip was CEO Oracle UK and Ireland, President of EDS international and CEO Honeywell-Bull UK. Philip also launched an early internet incubator.
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